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The combination of yoga and traveling can be a very enriching experience. While  yoga makes the body and mind more grounded, open and able to absorb new impressions   with a welcoming attitude, traveling offers you so much to learn, process and grow upon that one can greatly benefit from the ‘yoga mindset’ to fully take advantage of it.

Yoga & trekking

Especially yoga and trekking are potentially a very good match. Both invigorate and bolster the body and mind like no other. Those who are into trekking know what a terrific refurbishing of body and mind trekking can be. Though trekking seems to be mainly leg work, it’s actually the whole life style of exploring and sleeping under the stars that is so rejuvenating. Yoga exercises, of course, address all body parts, many of them unused in daily life, which is accompanied by a form of concentration that purifies and reorganizes the mind. On top of this, you’ll trek through some of world’s highest mountains, along ancient caravan routes and amidst the unique ‘Tibetan’ culture of the Trans-Himalaya.

Yoga, trekking through Nomad Land

12-day trek in Changtang, 6 days yoga at Shyok River Lodge - 29 days

Trekking and yoga retreat: August 7 - Sept. 4, 2018Yoga-toursEN_files/JTT-LATY02.pdf

Yoga Tours

Group Tour
Group Tour

Yoga with trekking


 Yoga, backwaters &
 of Kerala

Cultural tour plus yoga retreat at Wyanad (Wildlife Sanctuary) - 20 days

Cultural tour with yoga retreat: 
Nov 1-20, 2017 & Feb 1-20, 2018Yoga-toursEN_files/JTT-KEY01.pdf

Ladakh: Yoga & Buddhist culture 

Cultural tour, 6-day yoga retreat
and Takthok Festival - 15 days

Jeep tour with yoga retreat: July 23 - Aug 7, 2018Yoga-toursEN_files/JTT-LAY01.pdf

Yoga & local culture

Group Tour
Group Tour

 Yoga, trekking
 on Old
 Caravan Roads

9 day trek to Nubra, 6 days yoga at Shyok River Lodge - 23 days

Trekking and yoga retreat: July 1 - 23, 2018Yoga-toursEN_files/JTT-LATY01.pdf