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Wildlife of the Northeast

NE-India’s best parks: rhino’s, elephants, tigers... - 15 days

Lodge stay, jeep tour: Nov. - Aprilmailto:info@jantreksandtravels.com?subject=Enquiry%20about%20Wildlife%20of%20the%20Northeast

     Wildlife & Tribal   

Best National Parks of Assam & A.P., tribals of A.P. - 21 days

Jeep tour: Nov - April NE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIWL02.pdf

Assam & A.P.: Wildlife & cultural Trek         

Kaziranga’s rhinos & Arunachal’s forest tribes - 15 or 19 days

Jeep tour & medium level 5-day trek: Oct. - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASAPT01.pdf

The Northeastern Circuit

Assam, Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh - 15 to 21 days

Jeep tour with easy walks: Oct. - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASAPW02.pdf

Tours in NE-India

Highlights of

Assam & Nagaland - 11 days

Jeep tour: Nov - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASNA01.pdf

Jeep tours

Treks & walks

Moatsu Festival

Assam & Nagaland: tea plantations, wildlife & Naga culture - 13 days

Jeep tour: April 28 - May 10, 2016NE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASNA02.pdf

the Far East 

India’s eastermost boundaries, incl. Namdapha N.P. - 22 days

Jeep tour with day walks and easy 2-day & 4-day trek: Oct. - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASAPW03.pdf

Wildlife tours

    Wildlife of Bhutan
                    & Assam

Assam’s top parks & Bhutan’s huge biodiversity - 15 days

Jeep tour with walks: Feb 13 - Mar 1 & April 10 - 26, 2016http://www.allfornature.nl/reizen/bhutanindia-op-het-spoor-van-de-tijger/

 Birding Assam, A.P.  
   and Bhutan (E - W)

How many birds can you take... ?  - 23 days

Jeep tour with walks: Oct. - MayNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIBHWB02.pdf

Meghalaya Bike & Walk         

Biking backroads of Meghalaya, with day walks - 15 days

Cycling tour - medium level: Oct. - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-ASMEBW01.pdf

Mountain Bike Tours

Festivals & Mountains of Manipur & Nagaland         

Visit HornbillFestival, climb Mt. Saramati - 21 days

Jeep tour with day walks & easy/medium level 3-day trek: Nov 23 - Dec 14, 2016NE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-NAMAW01.pdf

Greener Pastures...

Tailor-made walks, treks and rides beyond the well-trodden trails.

Oct. - Aprilmailto:info@jantreksandtravels.com?subject=email%20subject
Group Tour


Video: Birds of NE-India

Video: Clouded leopards of Manas N.P.

Arunachal Pradesh East to West by Bike         

Remote backroads & tribal villages - 19 days

Cycling tour - medium level: Oct. - AprilNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-APBCY01.pdf

Nagaland by Bike

Several itineraries - 10-21 days

Cycling tours - medium level: Oct. - Aprilmailto:info@jantreksandtravels.com?subject=email%20subject

The time to plan a tour to this amazingly varied area is now, as the best season is November to April. If you have always wanted to see India but were put off by the thought of heat, dust, dirt and noise, this is the place to go. Not to say these things are not there... but much less. The national parks and forests are lush green. The wildlife is spectacular, the birdlife dazzling. The people are laid-back, un-intrusive and proud, their colorful customs fascinating.

Jeep tours here are straightforward, although the roads are often winding and bumpy and accommodation varies from basic to very comfortable. Many roads outside the Assamese plains, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, are only lightly traveled, and therefore make for almost un-Indian relaxed traveling.  For the same reason, as well as the spectacularly pristine forested mountain vistas they are ideal for long-distance bicycling as well.

Trekking in these parts is true exploration. We know very well, because we are slowly building up a repertoire of treks and walking tours, some of them first-ever. Such as walking tours on which you’ll be comfortably traveling by jeep from one area to the other while exploring remote villages in day walks. How about walking the jungle of one of Asia’s most biodiverse parks with elephants as your porters?

    Birding Trip Assam 
                    & Bhutan   

Short but thorough exploration of Assam & Bhutan- 15 days

Jeep tour with walks: Oct - MayNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIBHWB01.pdf

 Birds of Assam, Naga-
               land & A.P. 

We take you to the beste spots!
23 days

Jeep tour with walks: Feb. - MayNE-India-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIWB01.pdf