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KULLU & SPITIKullu%26SpitiEN.html

Highlights of Zanskar 
& Ladakh (and Dal Lake)

Monasteries of the Indus Valley, Nubra & Pangong Lake - 15 days

Jeep tour: June - SeptLadakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LA01.pdf

          in Ladakh

Tailor-made treks: from 4 to 40 days, easy to  hard

June -

Two Lakes Trek         

The raw and challenging splendor of Rupshu - 23 days

Serious 12-day trek: August 6 - 23, 2016Ladakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LAT02.pdf

      The Great

Shimla through Spiti to Ladakh

Jeep tour (12 day minimum from Delhi): June - SeptLadakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LA02.pdf

Ladakh is our main destination, as we have 26 years experience in organizing treks and tours here. We have done most of the treks in Ladakh ourselves many times, and we still feel that some of them are among the best in the world. But roads appear and trails disappear or desintegrate, also in Ladakh. That’s why we don’t stick to the old well-trodden trails only. We’re constantly looking for new trekking options, even along trails that hardly deserve the name as even the locals have never used them, at least not in the last 50 years.

The truth is: there is enormous scope for new treks, as long as you’re not afraid of a little adventure. Having said that: we’ve recently designed a number of not-too-adventurous (easy to medium level) treks that you’re unlikely to find in trekking guide. Any decent walker can do these. We don’t show all of them here, as we don’t want to see our efforts wasted by others reaping the fruits. We trust you understand.

By jeep

Exploring Ladakh by jeep is a different matter, but no less spectacular. Especially the Great Himalayan Crossing, whereby you approach Ladakh by road form Shimla, crossing the Himalayan Range and exploring the Tibetan borderlands of Kinnaur and Spiti, is no doubt one of the best road trips in the world. Once in ladakh many more spectacular road adventures await you. Several of them take you over passes of over 5300m and into areas where you’re not very likely to meet your neighbours, such as the remote valleys of Zanskar. The ‘old’ road trip from Kashmir to Ladakh, though less long and tiring, is also still a very rewarding journey.

Day walks, cycle trips & wildlife - car-based

Perhaps the best of both worlds (i.e. wheel travel and legwork) are walking tours. While on a trek you generally sleep in tents as this enables you to continue where you left of the day before, on day walks you return every night to your comfortable bed in the hotel or guesthouse where you’re staying. You won’t be able to venture out as deep into remote areas as on treks, but we definitely have a whole series of awesome walks in store. You’ll see views and villages that asphalt dwellers have no idea of.

If you’re more into legwork on two wheels, you can check out a few of the bicycle tours below. Though they are designed as treks, where you travel from A to B to C, these tours are actually extremely flexible in terms of daily distances covered. As there is always a back-up car you’re free to call it a day whenever you like.

Our wildlife tours take you to the higher parts of Ladakh, such as the mountain slopes of Rumbak and Sham and the high plateau of Rupshu & Changtang. If you’re prepared to come in winter, we’ll show you the elusive snow leopard, while in summer we’ll ‘hunt’ for kyang (Tibetan wild horses), Tibetan wolf, shapu, urial, blue sheep and other wild goats and sheep, as well some spectacular birds. From 2015 onwards, we’ll offer birding trips as well.

Anyway, just give us your shopping list and we’ll arrange you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guaranteed.

Jeep tours


On the Opium Trail

New trek into the N ubra & Shyok Valley - 17 days

Medium level 9-day trek: June - SeptLadakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LAT01.pdf

Mountain Bike Tours

Wildlife Tours

         Trek & Bike   

5-day medium trek plus 5-day mountain bike tour in Nubra

June -

Wildlife & Birding

Nubra & Changtang

Wildlife tour, jeep tour with daywalks:  September 1 - 21, 2016 & June 1 - 21,

Winter Treks

Unique winter adventure, trekking over frozen rivers - 25 days

Hard & experimental 21-day trek: Jan 23 - Feb 17, 2016Ladakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LAWT01.pdf

         Biking trips   
          in Ladakh

Tailor-made, from easy down-hill coasting to hard Himalaya crossings

June -
Group Tour

Ladakh Circle: Nubra & Rupshu/Changtang

Indus-Valley, Nubra & Rupshu (Tsomoriri & Tsokar Lake) - 18 days

Medium level - 14 days biking: June - OctoberLadakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LABC01.pdf

      The Great
  Crossing        on Bike

Shimla through Spiti to Ladakh

Bicycle tour (25 days minimum) - 21 days biking: June -

Snow Leopard

Viewing - Individual

Wildlife tour with walks: Dec - MarchLadakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LAW01.pdf
Group Tour

Snow Leopard

Viewing Expedition

Wildlife tour, trekking: Dec 3 - 18, 2016 & Mar 4 - 19, 2017 Ladakh-toursEN_files/JTT-LAW01_1.pdf
Group Tour
Group Tour