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Zhemgang Festival

South & West-Bhutan
& remote tsechu

Jeep tour 
March 26 - April 6, 2016Bhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BH04.pdf

A selection of our tours is listed below. We have 13 more tours ready and all of them can be tailored to your interests. Right now, we’re developing wildlife and birding tours in South-Bhutan (winter & spring season) and a whole new series of walking tours: jeep tours with day walks. Two of the walking tours are listed below. These are ideal for those who appreciate the extras of places beyond the tarmac, but don’t want to spend the major part of their tour in one area (which is the case on medium-distance treks. We’ll soon have walking alternatives for most of the  popular general tours. Please drop us a line if you have special wishes.

Jeep tours

Bhutan as You Like

Tailor-made tours (culture, wildlife, trekking)

Sept. - Aprilmailto:info@jantreksandtravels.com?subject=Enquiry%20about%20tours%20in%20Bhutan

Mystical Bhutan 

Spirituality and mysticism of ancient Buddhism- 15 days

Sept. - Aprilmailto:info@jantreksandtravels.com?subject=Enquiry%20about%20Mystical%20Bhutan

Nabji - Korphu Trek & Central Bhutan

Trek in JSW National Park, Bumthang, Phobjikha - 16 days

Medium level trek: Oct. - AprilBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BT03.pdf

Merak - Sakten Trek

Among the drogpas (herders) of East-Bhutan - 12 days

Medium level trek: Sept, Nov, March, MayBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BT02.pdf


 W-Bhutan Highlights 

Paro, Ha, Punakha, Phobjika - 11 days

Easy-medium level walks: Sept. - AprilBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BW01.pdf

Walking tours

Rodang La - Into eastern Bhutan

10 day trek plus visit Bumthang & Phobjikha - 14 days

Medium level trek: Nov., Dec & March, AprilBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BT04.pdf
Group Tour

Birding Assam, A. P. and Bhutan (E - W)

How many birds can you take... ? - 23 days

Jeep tour with walks: Oct - MayBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIBHWB02.pdf

Wildlife & birding tours

Group Tour

Video of this trek:


Jhomolhari Trek

One of the best high treks in Bhutan - 14 days

Serious trek: Sept - Nov, April - JuneBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BT01.pdf

 W-Bhutan &
 Tsechu walking

Paro, Ha, Punakha, Zhemgang & Manas N.P. (Assam) - 14 days

Easy-medium level walks: Sept. - AprilBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-BW02.pdf

Tours in Bhutan

Bhutan & Assam Autum Tour

Unique combination of NE-India & Bhutan - 21 days

Jeep tour with easy walks: 
March 18 - April 8, 2015Bhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-ASBH02.pdf

 Botanical Tour to Bhutan

7000 species and counting...
 17 days

Jeep tour with excursions/walks: 
April 17 - May 3, 2016http://www.gardentours.nl/bestemming/tuinreizen-bhutan

Botanical tour

 Birding Trip Assam 
 & Bhutan 

Short but extensive exploration of Bhutan’s birdlife - 15 days

Jeep tour with walks: Oct - MayBhutan-toursEN_files/JTT-NEIBHWB02_1.pdf
Group Tour

 Wildlife of Bhutan
 & Assam

Assam’s top parks & Bhutan’s huge biodiversity - 15 days

Jeep tour with walks: Feb 13 - Mar 1 & April 10 - 26, 2015http://www.allfornature.nl/reizen/bhutanindia-op-het-spoor-van-de-tijger/

Video: Clouded leopards of Manas N.P.